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The banyan tree Maui Hawaii, USA was planted on April 24, 1873, in Lahaina. The wedding took place as a way to mark the 50th anniversary in the arrival of first American Protestant mission.
The Kaanapali waves are many of the most beautiful to view. The beach surf is almost mesmerizing to see and pay attention to.
Funny talking animal videos will likely make your entire day better. Then you may just laugh throughout the day once you consider it.
The Maui Ocean Center is made up of number of dedicated and committed folks who love Maui and its particular unique culture, marine life, and community.
Maui snorkeling will never let you down. Maui Hawaii is in the middle of a lot of great spots for snorkelers.
Maui Zipline is one of Maui Hawaii newest and the majority family friendly biplane course. Our purposes loved it!
Maui whale watching is some of the finest on earth. Not simply is Maui rated by travellers because the best lawn mowers of the globe but humpback whales also manage to think so.
The Maui Ocean Center aquarium consist of a team of dedicated and committed those who love Maui as well as unique culture, marine life, and community.
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